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Boyfriend and I are about to break up over my it worth it?

Ok so 5 months ago my boyfriend moved in with me and brought his dog. I already had a 7 month old male pitbull that wasnt fixed. If u have ever seen Marley and Me that would describe his behavior. Very energetic hardly sits and loves running has had his share of mishaps but hasnt destroyed anything lately =). His dog is almost 2 years old a pit female and has been fixed. She is very calm and doesnt show much emotion. He baby talks to her carries her around and is truely in love with his dog. it was his first and he has no children. Im not as sensitive as he is to his dog as i am to mine. I have a 4yr old that comes first and i have had dogs in the past. I love my dog but im not obssessed with him. Well the problem is he says his dog is an angel and doesnt do anything wrong and my dog belongs in a junk yard outside. He is mean to my dog yells at him for ';running in the house'; or for licking his dog. he Hits my dog and does this all in front of my daughter. he says that he used to do that to his dog and now she is good. I tell him to stop please dont do it. my dog is afraid of him and doesnt know how to act when my boyfriend is around. i told him take care of his dog and ill take care of my dog but he pretty much demands me to get rid of my dog or else. I have suggested we get rid of both of them and get a dog together but i know he would rather break up with me then get rid of his precious dog. i have a feeling of what everyone is going to say but id like to hear your opinion. We have been together for 5 months now. We fight EVERYDAY about the dogs. When he looks at my dog u just see the hate in my boyfriends eyes. and if he cared about me u think he could deal with my dog. i just dont know what to doBoyfriend and I are about to break up over my it worth it?

Your boyfriend is beyond belief.

Kick him out now, today, immediately.

I have 2 dogs but there is no way they are more important that the woman I am supposed to be in love with.

Kick the cretin out.Boyfriend and I are about to break up over my it worth it?
Maybe he should spent some one-on-one time with your dog to just show him how nice your dog is, or you could maybe get him fixed?

If all else fails, kick him the hell out. If your dog isn't aggressive, then i dont see what his problem is. He should learn to control himself around your little girl aswell. No offense but he sounds like an idiot.

Oh, and he has no damn right to hit an animal. Dont ASK him to stop hitting your dog, TELL him to stop.
Get rid of him and his dog.
It's very simple, give your so-called boyfriend the flick, you don't need the aggrevation, especially around your daughter. Don't worry, the right bloke will come along, someone who respects you, your daughter and your dog
this could be worse it could be him making you choose him or your child and from there whats next? think about this in the big picture%26gt;............Is this the kind of man you want in your life ? He can not see past his ';dog'; to make peace in your combined living space...if it were not your dog what else would he pick? ...put him out and his dog ....Your dog was there first ....he has no respect for your dog ? so when he finds things wrong with how your child acts will he suggest you give up your child? he is not happening .
If he is abusive to ur dog who is to say he wouldnt be that way with you or ur daughter. They say it all starts with an animal. His dog may be calmer bc she is fixed has alot to do with her personality. Since your dog is not fixed he is a typical male and he goes thru heat just like a man. If you dont wnat your dog fixed definitely dont get rid of him for ur BF. ur only with ur bf 5 months and you dont know what could happen and ur dog will be there til the end. Did u ever think about taking ur dog to a training class or looking online to see if there is a way u can work with him on ur own to make him calmer. There is ways and I know that if you keep him (ur dog) occupied that it can help alot like iwth toys and stuff. Your bf is a dog lover but sounds to me he is more in love with his dog than with you and u shouldnt have to give up anything. He clearly wont so y should you and besides u have a daughter tho she is young i can amost guarantee that she has a bond with your dog. Also need to remember your dog is still a pup. IF you really want all this changed and wuick have him fixed it makes a difference.
Man, that's one really lucky b * t c h..i meant the dog...
If he is threatening you with your dog than I don't think he is a good boyfriend. If he had to chose he would probably chose his dog over you. He is not worth it. Let him go and don't let him control your life like that anymore. Also he should not be hitting your dog, its yours not his and what do you think he would do if you hit his dog?

My boyfriend didnt like dogs before he met me. I have a dog and he has learned to love it. I tell him that when we get married i am going to take my dog with us and he is okay with it. He even worries about my dog more than me cause every time he goes to my house hes like ';Have you fed Stripe already';
If he's abusive towards animals, for me that would be a huge red flag. I don't care how he justifies it in his own mind, it's not right to strike an animal period. Have either of you actually considered training the poor dog? The more manageable he is, the better your boyfriend will be able to deal with him. But the hitting must stop immediately. No ifs ands or buts.
don't break up with him because he's crazy for dogs break up with him because he's a crazy ffucckk!
Here's a new twist on a ';love hate'; relationship. He loves his dog and hates yours. I'm surprised he doesn't treat your 4 year old the way he treats your dog. If he did would you allow it? Why allow him to treat your dog this way? It is insensitive and immature. Tell him he and his dog are permanently in the doghouse. You, your child and your dog deserve less stress and he is not a good role model for your child.

Do you have a food or any other addiction and want to quit?

How are you dealing with it? What is your addiction?

Mines is junk food, to avoid it I don't buy it. My kids always ask for cookies, instead of cookies I give them yogurt, gold fish, and healthier snacks. Because if I buy the cookies I'll eat them all if I see them in the house. I get these really bad late night cravings. It started after my last baby, I became this junk food freak. So to keep me from buying junk, I have to bring my boyfriend with me. He is the one that will be telling me ';Girl you don't need that'; lol I don't buy candy though, candy is not my favorite.

I am trying so hard to fight it, but it's hard. What keeps me from buying it is when I go down that cookie section and I see a 400 pound woman...I make a quick u-turn fast. Nothing against overweight people I just don't want to be overweight. Even though I exercise, I still have this addiction. I feel like I will be having weight issues afterwhile if it doesn't stop.Do you have a food or any other addiction and want to quit?
wen i eat a cookie i want more so i try to stay away from it.. its usually when im really bored that i want something to munch on... now i like to munch on berries its healthier anyways.. but yah its good that u dont give ur children any junk food!! ..i have a 1 yr old baby cousin who is obsessed with coke!! they let him take sips once in a while and i think that is sooooo bad!!! i would never ever let my kids eat unhealthy specially at such a young age..thats why they grow up to be obese and i think thats just sad!Do you have a food or any other addiction and want to quit?
Yes I can't seem to stop answering these stupid questions
mine is sweets and pop. i'd love to give up both, but like you when surrounded by them it's hard.
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  • I want some energetic songs!?

    Normally I just kinda look for awesome bands but I'm in an energetic mood.

    Stuff like:

    I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked - Ida Maria

    Halfway Home - Tv on the Radio

    Don't Stop Me Now - Queen

    I Fought the Law - The Clash

    Enjoying Myself - 1990s

    Take on me - Aha

    Handstands for You - Chairlift

    Song 2 - Blur

    I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You - Black Kids

    Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division

    Walk of Life - Dire Straits


    I just want jumpy awesome songs

    =]I want some energetic songs!?
    The Scissor Sisters have some great ones, like: Take Your Momma Out, Don't Feel Like Dancing, and She's My Man. BTW, I think it's great that you have such eclectic tastes in music. I love all different types of music and bands. This band just came to mind when you said energy.I want some energetic songs!?
    The Workout by Utada Hikaru, the lyrics are a little strange but its very energetic :D
    Datarock- fafafa

    My friend ditched me for her boyfriend and people who aren't true friends. What should i do?

    My friend Sam (not actual name) totally stopped hanging out with me! Ever since she got a boyfriend she's been totally mean. And she invited me to go to a high school football game with her out of the blue and she said ';Your mom's driving though.'; I got so pissed, i mean she always makes my parents drive! (I don't have my license yet). And i found out all of these mean, stupid (do stupid and irresponsible stuff is what i mean by stupid) girls that she calls ';friends'; and her boyfriend were going to be there so she pretty much used me so she could go and leave me while she was off with other people.So she and my friend Carly (not actual name) got in this HUGE fight because Sam read a text on someone else's phone wrong and thought Carly called her fake. And know all of Sam's friends have been causing Carly out in the halls and all that. I want Sam to knock it off and i REALLy don't want to be her friend anymore. But i don't know what to do or how to talk to her and stop being her friend because we've been best friends since 1st grade.My friend ditched me for her boyfriend and people who aren't true friends. What should i do?
    Just because you have been friends with someone for a long time does not mean you are obligated to remain friends with her especially when she misuse the relationship. Stop going against yourself for Sam, you are going against what you feel about yourself to please her, that's not right. You must find reasons to avoid her, tell her your parents have other things to do when she insist on your parents to drive. Or straight out tell her that you had rather not go. Enough of this will discourage her from wanting to bully or use you. Sometimes you just have to stand up for yourself for the other person to see that you are worth respecting.My friend ditched me for her boyfriend and people who aren't true friends. What should i do?
    find another friend...somebosy who's really true and not fake.
    It might just be because shes just excited she has a boyfriend if she doesn't pay attention at all to you anymore than why should you to her?
    It is never easy to move on without closure. However, you must ask yourself if ';Sam'; has already moved on. With any relationship, there is always something brought to the table, and something taken away. It seems that while Sam expects for you to bring yourself, your time, and the use of your parents vehicle to the table, she has made a decision that she will only bring herself, and that is only when it is convenient for her.

    If you love yourself, understand that not allowing someone to use you doesn't mean that you should be mean to them. Instead, understand that if all you are getting out of this relationship is a friendship of convenience, that is all you are obligated to bring in return.

    Good luck, because it sounds as though Sam is a very selfish person. The reality is that when she realizes that she cannot ';persuade'; you to be her convenient friend anymore, she will probably show the ';real'; nasty side of her . I think that then it will be much easier to make a decision as to whether or not you want this type of ';friend'; in your life at all.
    you need to try and sit down with her and talk about the way she has been acting. Try not to come of rude or mean though because then she wont want to talk to you. Tell her how you feel and see what she says. If you have to, give her an ultimatum. its eitha you or her boyfriend.
    dont be a friend with someone u know isnt one. Find another. a TRUE friend

    Boyfriend broke up with me because of my mood swings...says i should just get an abortion. Please advice!?

    Well I am 4 months preggo and I have been very moody and emotional. Id say about 80% of these emotions are toward my boyfriend. I feel bad but sometimes I just can't help it because I am only 18 and haven't told my parents yet, but that is the least of my problems, my job cut my hours so I'm not making much money, and also I've been very buzy taking care of my grandma who was recently diagnosed with a lung disease. This is causing me less time to see my boyfriend which also is bothering him. The other day we got into a fight and yesterday I didn't want to talk to him at all (even though we work together) so I get a text message from him saying, ';If your not gonna talk to me at all let's just stop talking altogether, and stop everything.'; I didn't know what to think so I told him if your gonna be so immature and dumb to act like this I could raise the baby on my own. He then said it not that he can't handle the baby he just doesn't want to deal with me and that I need to get an abortion. There's no way I would go and kill my baby but he thinks he has a right to say if I should or shouldnt. I was so hurt and told him how I felt that I thought he'd be the last person to do this because we have been through so much together. He then said he's sorry and he needs to calm down and if I could talk to him in person, I said I didn't want to see him at all because I couldn't look at him the same anymore and if I took his apology he might just go and bail on me again. This morning he sent a FORWARD text to me of two monkeys and it says nothing can come between us, not even a banana. I feel like he is taking all of this so lightly like what he did to me had no effect and everythings ok. Should I take him back, because I'm just overreacting. Or is this a sign of his true colors and save my self another heart break in the future. Help me pleaseBoyfriend broke up with me because of my mood swings...says i should just get an abortion. Please advice!?
    going for abortion is risk coz u life can get expired. so better ask experts.

    regards and best wishes.........Boyfriend broke up with me because of my mood swings...says i should just get an abortion. Please advice!?
    hunni ok what he said was bad!!!! but with moods and angry due to your body i can understand how he is alsomixed up and its new to him to so he wont know how to handle it so i can see how he said it.sounds like he done it out of angry! he is trying to sort things with you. so no this isnt his true colours.a mean you said bad things to him can bring up a child yourself but the baby needs a luck and try and relax x
    He doesn't seem like the best guy after saying that but it couldve just been emotions. You do know him better than anyone on yahoo answers though.
    hes an asshole! he should be supporting you right now, not telling you to have a abortion because you get a little snappy. when I was pregnant I told my partner that I hate him and he never helps me and I used to dry at least twice a day and he was always kind and supportive of me.
    Abortion is not the right choice because you will never know what the child will be in future. Remember, children are gifts from God.
    good question
    You two sound like you're in high school. This is why you're supposed to grow up and get married before you have children.

    I hope your parents will support you through this pregnancy, because it's obvious he's not going to.

    Boyfriend problems.......but this one is way more interesting.?

    My boyfriend always argues with me, then after he tries to give me this talk about how he is sorry and he was right about so and so...... whatever thats not the problem.

    the problem is in the past he has flirted with girls on myspace and he has talked sh!t about me to those girls too while we were dating.

    he has even talked sh!t about me to one of his ex crushes.

    when i am mad at him about something he will say something and i will make a smart remark about it usually relating to his past.

    when i make a remark it is usually true too, but it makes him so mad he hits himself and even starts crying real tears! that is until i say i am sorry kiss him whatever.

    i do that so he will stop acting how he is acting it works so far.

    but what can i do to make him stop acting like a little kid???

    It has gotten to where he has said that he thought Jessica Alba was hot hot in the past (which i can agree she is very beautiful).

    well when i ask him if he still thinks she is hot or whatever he always denies it. starts giving me this guilt trip and slowly tries to make me look like the bad one.

    i dont care that he thinks she is hot or not i just want him to tell the truth and not hide it, i had to squeeze it out of him tonight till he finally admitted he still thought that.

    when we get in a fight he has gone as far as cutting himself, socking his self and even banging his head into the wall, also hyperventilating himself too.

    i make smart remarks because it is the easiest way to get back at him for hurting me in the past.

    what should i do to stop him from acting like a little kid?

    all of your opinions on this situation are welcome. dont just say leave him it isnt that easy i need answers please!Boyfriend problems.......but this one is way more interesting.?
    start ignoring him for a while like dont answer his phone calls and whenever you see him pretend you gotta go and just walk away if he runs after you puch him in the face and call him a fag!!Boyfriend problems.......but this one is way more interesting.?
    walk away, you have your whole life to find someone else why waste your teenage years dealing with that. kick him to the curb and worry about how successful you want to be when you grow up, so he will be mad that he treated you like crap!!!!! There's always someone better!!!!!
    1- That wasn't interesting

    2- Don't fight over really stupid things like if Jessica Alba is hot

    3- Don't date someone that self mutilates, because he might mutilate you instead

    4- Myspace is a drama starter

    5- Finish school then go to college and find someone more normal.
    wow, your relationship sounds alot like mine. its really hard. its like the guy ALWAYS has to act like the 2 year old and be in control. you just need to tell him you're NOT his doormat and you're not gonna sit around like this forever. yeah it might piss him off but it'll give him something to think about.
    make your the sh%26amp;t you hear is true.

    if it's true, ask him why he did that to you.

    if his reply isn't good im sorry to say this but break up with him.

    you can't take care of him unless he changes.
    The only problem I can see is that you haven't dumped this loser yet. He's clearly unstable and I'm sure you can do better. He needs professional help. You're 16 and aren't qualified to give it to him. Don't be a martyr.
    my personal opinion is that u should try talkin to him about it. that probably isnt the easiest way but its the best way, if he doesnt try to help ur relationship (or at least try), u might want to try and break up with him
    you need to take him to a doctor or a psychiatrist. It's not you, it's him. He needs serious help. %26amp; he may hate you for it now but he will thank you later. %26amp; youre relationship with him will improve greatly. good luck and be strong
    not tryin to be mean, but get out before it turns into you getting hit, not him.
    dont bring up stuff from the past that only makes it worst
    dump him
    he's shaping up to be quite the emotionally abusive one. i know it's not that easy, but you should get out while you still can.
    so heidi and spencer. talk to him about itt!!
    I'm sorry but he sounds like he is Way too immature for a relationship right now to the point of putting himself in danger. I'd break up with him until he can grow up. Sorry that's just my opinion Good Luck!
    OMG I can't believe it. He is acting like a kid. He IS a kid and so are you. You will both grow up eventually.
    do to him what he those to you.. he would see it hurts and stuff.. .
    thats pretty cheezy situations you have got there girl.

    holly cow your boy is a mess eh.

    i mean, cutting himself and doing all those crazy things? :S

    its totally fine with me if my man thinks some actress or a singer is hot. i mean its his opinion right, its not like he went and slept with them. its just he admires their body and beauty. its fine with me, cuz i like some hot guys as well. i love rob pattinson, it doesnt mean my guy should go and cut himself.

    im sorry if im being rude, but just watch out from this guy.

    ok he did a mistake in past, stop doing your smart remarks. thats not nice. guys can be stupid sometimes and say things they really dont mean, but if youre with him now ( means you forgave him) you shouldnt remind him about the past all the time.

    but if he still keeps hurting you.. talk to him about it. make him see what he is making you feel like..

    well, best of luck.

    You're so young to be going through these problems and he is an idiot that needs help and fast. Child do u have a mother? or does his mom know he is like this? He's harming you more than you think he is and in the experiences that i know through family and friends, I think you should get away from him or you'll and up getting depression. He's not a good person and I hope u see that before its too late! u sound like a sweet girl and your so young dont date yet just learn from afar til ur ready...
    I'm a 17 year old guy also. I have a word of advice. Unlike me and a few others, a large portion of 17 year old guys and people around that age will do that. We can be total idiots and ignorant fools. It's something you either have to ignore, look past, or be lucky enough to have someone lacking those... tasteless traits some of us have.

    Anyways, self bashing my gender aside (heh), here is a short and simple answer to your problem - leave him. Hearing what your said and not hearing his side, I can't really say much else but that. He's not worth it. I know it's easier said than done, but some people need tough love. Perhaps a bit of space will teach him in his next relationship or if you were to get back together.

    If you instead wish to give him more chances, perhaps talk to his parents. Perhaps get him to go to therapy. If he suddenly hits himself and cries with that... Unless you are exaggerating, he might need to get some professional help.

    Most people I know of will talk of celebrities like that. Married or single. Dating or just together with someone.

    And I repeat myself - it's easier said than done but if worse comes to worse, you need to leave him. Anyone of my friends I've talked to or people that I've listened to/read blogs on sometimes have the same problems - they feel that it's not easy to just leave the person - the reasons skyrocket - ';We've been together for so long';, or ';I'm close to his/her family';, or whatever. Whatever your reasons are there are probably an indefinite amount of ways to tackle them and go along as if there was no problem.

    I hope this helps you somehow, and good luck.
    oh girl this man is crazy he is a possible threat to you if you do break up. Seriously you need to tell him to stop acting like a baby or it is going to be over. you two are to young and he needs help he has anger problems. Be very cautious with this one good luck.
    It sounds like there needs to be some major growing up to be done.I would and have ignored my other half when i had this problem.It totally drives him nuts.Seriously,when he makes the stupid remarks,just act like u didnt hear him,be the more mature one.Yes,its hard to ignore and not reply with a witty comeback but being ignored is a bummer.It will shock n confuse him so much he will eventually realize he is being a jerk n just wont happen overnight but it will happen.Jus be patient.He may even realize how immature hes being and decide to act like a big boy.Good luck!!!
    hes very immature and you should just leave him alone. hes not for you fighting is too much and the distrust isn't worth it there are so many out there that are more grown up and really not nuts like he is.
    Girl its hard to go about telling you how I honestly think you should do for him to stop acting like that. I dated a guy almost like how your boyfriend acts a few years ago but instead of hitting the wall he would hit me. Your man probably needs a one and one conversation with you without the smart remarks. Leave the questions about all these girls alone. He probably thinks you don't trust him the way he does with you thats why he goes crazy. It may not be you it can be the problems he has at his house which he's trying so hard to not keep it in.
    well i was gonna say dont leave him because if he hurts himself when u fight i dont know what would happen if you left him, but then i read the end and see you already said that.

    well i really dont know what to day because you cant change really how a person acts and if you talk to him about it it may turn into a fight. so maybe you could talk to him about it but slowly and gently. i know you probably were being patient but like maybe even more patient. or maybe he might have to see someone? i dont know. i am sorry he is hurting himself. i think he may also be a little over dramatic though.
    I'd say stop the smart remarks. He's obviously very sorry for it. He sounds like a guy who likes to tease. Just stop the remarks

    And I'm sorry hun but he's not acting like a little kid. He might have some problems he needs to get looked at by a doctor.

    You want to get back at him for the past? It's in the past! LET IT GO! Once again sorry but you're sounding like a real B*tch right now. Just my personal opinion.
    stop nagging him...what's the point in forcing him to say that jessica alba is hot? what's that supposed to solve? She is what. You encouraged a pointless argument. and from reading your story it seems like you do that alot. if you know that he will result with bringing harm to himself...why do you push him needlessly? you should be supporting him...finding him help to deal with his self harm issues. instead you pick at his insecurities and his past because you know that you can upset him that way. you aren't doing him any favors...all you are doing is trying to make him feel as bad as you do. the question you should be asking is how you can change your behavior to be a better friend, let alone girlfriend. not how to get him to stop acting like a little kid.
    Hi. So, I was reading other peoples answers before answering myself and a lot of them are telling you to get out while you still can. I must say, I'll have to agree. I know you love him and you care about him, you wouldn't be with him if you didn't. But your both young, and if he's hurting himself in any way (which he is) you need to tell somebody. You need to tell his parents, one of his relatives, someone who can help him. Because cutting and hitting yourself isn't good. If you care about him, you'll tell someone. Or, at least tell him to stop hurting himself because in reality he's only hurting the people that he loves and love him.

    Trust me. I have a BEST friend whose like a sister to me, and when I found out she was hurting herself I was crying. Because it hurts. What if he cuts himself to the point where he's in the hospital. What if he gets carried away? So, before you can help your relationship you need to help him first.

    And don't leave him or break up with him just yet because he'll need you through all of it. Be there for him. Stop making smart remarks at him because it doesn't get you anywhere it only hurts him.

    Most importantly, you should sit down and talk to each other. Tell him how you feel and make sure he tells you how he feels.

    And also, I'm 19. I've been with my current boyfriend for 2 1/2 years. We've fought over stupid things like is Jessica Alba is hot or whatever, but in the end those things shouldn't matter. All it is is reassurance. So tell him, ';yeah, she's hot but don't you think I'm hotter.'; Haha! Seriously.

    And the whole myspace thing- myspace causes a lot of drama. Trust me! Its caused some issues for my boyfriend and I. But you know what? Its just online flirting. It doesn't matter. It doesn't mean anything. So don't trip about it, alright?

    Now, if this doesn't help... just let me know and I will try to use my personal experiences to help you out.

    Good luck!

    He needs to see a christian counselor that believes in exorcism. You should also look into dis-associative identity disorder. God can help him I have experienced those kinds of problems with someone and I know God the Father of Jesus can help. God Bless.

    Your boyfriends battle is a rough one and I can assure you He is maybe a compulsive liar. He is way afraid to lose you. He may be trying to control you and not want you to have other friends he has the potential for abuse. He has self hate issues and was probably emotionally and or physically abused at some time in his precious life. If you are still in school have him speak to the school counselor. God bless.


    Ok so heres what happened!!!?

    ok my one of my best friends has been dating this guy for about 5 months now, but she changed when she started dating him, she ignored all of her friends, started spending everyday with her boyfriend, and getting really jealous if anyone was around her boyfriend and would complain/worry that he would dump her if he found someone prettier. she told him within the 2 week of them dating that if in a year and they reevaluated themselves and they still really liked each other that she would give herself to him.she has become very protective over him and clings to him but he also follows her around like a lost puppy at lunch she no longer sits with her friends but sits alone with him at the table, she has lost all of her friends and im about to discontuine this friendship we've been friends for almost 6 years but this has gotten rediculous she doesnt talk to me and if i try to talk to her shes all over her boyfriend, making me very uncomfortable and ive told her this, yet she will contuine to kiss him and hang on him when im trying to talk to her, she would pull him out of classes just so they could be together and now she is trying to change him (somehow he is ok with all of this). but everytime ive tried to confront her about how shes neglecting her friends she gets really mad and lashes out at me, she will say things like your just not being supportive of me and my boyfriend, your just jealous because i have a loving boyfriend and i dont, or your not a good friend. ive told her many times im happy for her and boyfriend and ive even invited them to come to events with us but she refuses to bring him anywhere near her friends. (plus now her boyfriend has told her that hes going to marry her) %26gt;HES A Junior and shes a sopmore) everytime ive tried confronting her we get into fights each one getting worse then the last and it just keeps escalating im tired of all the drama, she use to be really fun, popular and nice but now shes really irritable, jealous and has no friends, shes become a frequent subject of negative gossip and sadly i agree with most of the things i hear about her.... i dont know what to do i want to contuine my friendship with her but lately all shes been doing is making my self confidence shrink..ive tried having girl only nights and they were fine except that she kept texting her boyfriend even when we asked her to stop, etc. then the other day she got mad at me for a misunderstanding about how she said she would sell me her ds well i sent her a txt saying hey i have the check written out i guess whenever you want to exchange it then ill bring it to school i got a txt back from her where she was screaming at me saying i was idiot and that she didnt say she was going to sell it i just replied well ok then i guess just never mind, (i figured she had a bad day) then later that day i asked if she ok and i got another crude reply: your stupid, good luck with your (insert my personal issue here) i always knew something was wrong with you. (she fired a comment back at me about a personal issue that i confided in her the night before) i sent back a message saying that was a low blow even for her and i didnt get a response but when i got on FB there was a message from her saying:I feel better now :) all of the fighting is finally OVER! Sometimes, ig it's best just to let things go, even if they were one of your best friends. I hope she reads this, and I hope one day she and I will be able to restart and make a new friendship, until that day comes, I'll enjoy the peace

    and i know shes saying that to make me angry and seem like its my fault but she attacked me out of NOWHERE!

    PLEASE HELP!! i dont now what to do.......URGENTLY NEED SOME HELP HERE!!!?
    wow.... how boringURGENTLY NEED SOME HELP HERE!!!?
    Sounds like you miss being with her and the good times you had together. Right now she just doesn't have enough time to go around so be patient and find other things and people as well as her to fill your time. Some day you may have a boyfriend that takes up all your time and you won't have time for her. Eventually you both will learn how to have a happy balance.